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Our Team

Healthcare sisters Hillary Mason Cummig and Diana Cable

Hillary Mason Cumming (left)

Hillary Mason Cumming never imagined that her project management skills would one day help her save her husband’s life.  A former project liaison in financial services, retail, real estate and construction, Hillary used all her skills and passion to develop a plan to support her husband’s journey to wellness.  Diagnosed with Hepatitis C and HIV due to tainted blood products, Hillary learned first-hand the value of research, organization and advocacy in caring for her spouse and helped him survive a liver transplant, thyroid cancer and an ankle replacement. Today, Hillary brings the same passion and planning to support HealthCare Sisters clients on their aging and healthcare journeys.

Diana Cable (right)

Diana Cable understands the true meaning of sandwich generation.  Years ago, as the primary caregiver for a young family and aging parents with complex health needs, Diana found her business and advocacy skills put to the test.  She learned the importance of research, technology and planning to help people navigate their healthcare and aging journey. Today, Diana leverages those skills, and her technology acumen, to support HealthCare Sisters’ clients.  Diana has over 20 years’ experience in the real estate sector. She holds a certificate in Coaching from the Coaches Training Institute and has completed the Patient Navigation course at York University.

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